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Mt. Thielsen - Oct 28, 2017

I tried to climb Mt. Thielsen. I got about 80 feet from the summit before turning back.

I brought my DSLR, but I forgot the SD card at home, so unfortunately all these pictures are camera phone pictures.

I woke up at 5:30 or so and got breakfast in Eugene. Delicious! The trailhead parking lot at 11AM. For the first few miles, this is a normal trail hike. The last mile or two of the hike consists of following a ridge to the summit. For the most part, there's no real trail. Mt. Bailey and Diamond Lake. If you look closely, you can see a lone boat in the middle of the lake. Following the ridge The ridge continues to get steeper A surprisingly fun climb I climbed up this wall, then called it quits as the hike managed to somehow get even steeper and I was the only one on the mountain at this point. Fun fact: Mt. Thielsen is the only place outside of Crater Lake National Park where you can see Crater Lake. If I had a better camera you could probably make it out. I could have chosen a better path down. A thin layer of loose rock on top of solid rock.
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